Meet Our Team

meet our team

Nick Harris - Managing Director

Nick Harris is CEO and Sr. Mortgage Broker of Fiducia Home Loans. He has over 15 years in the Mortgage industry and has helped over 1000 families achieve homeownership over his career. He values education, communication, and authenticity and you will see that when you have a chance to work with him and his team. Besides work, he enjoys traveling to new and exciting places with his wife, Jamie, and their kiddos….Penny and the fur babies, Teddy and Snoopy the Goldendoodles. Nick received a BS degree in Real Estate Finance at San Diego State University and an MBA in Finance from the University of San Diego. He co-founded his company, Fiducia Home Loans, with the mission to deliver families great service paired with great rates….people say you "Cant have your cake and eat it too…" but Nick and Fiducia Home Loans strive to prove people wrong that you "CAN have your cake AND eat it too!!


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